Shamaila Mahmood Director and C.E.O

Shamaila started her software development career as a full-stack software developer in year 2000. She has worked both as an employee and a freelance software developer since then. She has built a strong online profiles with nearly 100 successfully delivered projects and dozens of satisfied clients around the world. Glowing testimonials from clients around the world are a proof of her professionalism.

At Indus Valley Labs she acts as C.E.O and lead frontend developer. She is also the primary contact person with current and prospective clients.


Tahir Akhtar Director and C.T.O

During his career starting in year 2001, Tahir Akhtar has remained employed with several reputable international software development companies including Gameview Studios (Subsidiary of DeNA Japan), TimeXperts Pvt. Ltd (formerly Workforce Software), Sibisoft Pvt Ltd (Global Northstar) and Pivotal Black.

He is a full stack software developer and software architect with special interest in Java and cloud based platforms.

At Indus Valley Labs, in his role of Chief Technology Officer, Tahir has recruited and trained over a dozen engineers, architected several cloud based systems, done java backend and web frontend development, led mobile development teams, delivered Oracle middleware integration project and provided business process consultancy to company’s e-commerce client.